Monday, October 20, 2014

SEO that Sparks Small Business Growth

Optimizing for local visibility has proven itself over global marketing when it comes to hitting a target audience. You needn’t send your message to those for whom it has no relevance. Local marketing hits customers who are within close proximity to storefronts for faster turnarounds.

Localization is good

Search engines now give locallyoptimized businesses preferential treatment since it’s more gratifying for customers looking for something in their vicinity. This is the main reason why Google has adjusted (and continues to adjust) their algorithm to heavily favor localization.

Simpler, more focused content

Creating relevant content for a local audience is far simpler because it can be kept factual and natural. No more jockeying for global optimization with semantic indexing and keywords. Features can include news of local interest, discussing events that may pique consumer interest, and the like.

Mobile mania

This is one area of opportunity that has grown leaps and bounds with the constant improvement of mobile technology. It’s an absolute must for your web design to be responsive, so as not to discourage mobile, desktop, and tablet users from browsing. This also allows instant customer feedback which could further your ranking.

Quicker conversions

Shoppers are more inclined to explore the world that’s close by, whether they search for it or not. By optimizing your business presence with localized Arlington SEO efforts, conversions are more likely to be faster. People are turning off their RON (run of network) and switching on “my location” instead.

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