Saturday, January 10, 2015

SEO Trends That Would Dominate 2015

2014 is now history, and it’s time for a change in 2015; more so in the world of search engine optimization (SEO). Trends for the past year have come and gone, and newer ones are out to dominate the field. Here are some of them.
SEO and content marketing will be separated – The terms content marketing and SEO have often been confused for one another, mainly because of how huge their overlap is. This year, however, is going to see a change. The two terms are going to be separated for once, with SEO focusing on the more technical side of online marketing, and content marketing on driving search engine rankings.

Semantic searches – The release of Google’s Hummingbird algorithm update in September 2013 was pivotal, mainly because it allowed the engine to “read between the lines” of a typical, generic search query. This means that people will now be able to enter a search in a “conversational” tone, and not worry about the engine misinterpreting its meaning.

Visual aids everywhere – For 2015, people are looking for “eye candies.” What this means is that visual content is the rage, with the increased use of cleverly made infographics and videos outmaneuvering plain text. After all, everybody likes to laugh or be moved by a wonderful video, or be entertained and informed at the same time with a nicely designed infographic. 

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