Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Dangerous Blunders in SEO that You Should Avoid

Google is a serious business partner. It does not want to be cheated. The moment you decided to include SEO in your digital marketing program, you have to abide by the strict algorithms set by Google to avoid heavy penalties. Here are some mistakes that could get your website off the search results.
Now that Google has launched Panda 4.1, keyword stuffing is just one those things the new algorithm will not tolerate. It’s easy to understand why this should be a no-no in SEO; especially in a new web design. If you own a website and advertise through Google, you are producing products for Google. These products are your article, and Google provides your product to their clients—internet users/searchers. Google won’t be happy providing a product that apparently has no substance and is riddled with the same key words and phrases.

Besides keyword stuffing, Google also disapproves links from unreliable sources. Being recommended or shared by a reliable or well-known website upgrades your website’s reputation. This is more beneficial than being shared by multiple websites that Google considers low-quality. Quality is always more important than quantity, based on this latest algorithms.

Duplicate content or content that appear in more than one location is also a mistake you should avoid. Google crawlers will immediately avoid these content and, in consequence, will not include them in the search results. If you want your website to obtain more traffic, make sure to produce only unique content for each of its pages.

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